Know about the kinds of dental procedures and implants

Dental implants are mostly recommended to patients who have several teeth because of periodontal disease or an injury. Many people select dental implants as they feel it’s far better than living with lost teeth. It also makes them feel confident when they smile and use their implants. What is meant by dental implants? What procedures are integrated for dental implants? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you need to read this article. Orchard Park Dental offers the best treatment plans for dental implant procedures. We have explained more here about dental implants that will help you in making a good decision.

Dental implants can also be referred to as prosthetic teeth roots. They are either placed onto or into the jawbone to hold the replacement bridge or tooth.

Kinds of dental implants
There are two kinds of dental implants. They are sub periosteal and endosteal.

Subperiosteal: Subperiosteal dental implants are recommended to patients who cannot wear conventional dentures or have the least bone weight. These implants will be set up on the jaw’s upper part by utilizing a metal framework that protrudes over the gum to grip artificial teeth or teeth.

Endosteal: It is a commonly utilized dental implant. It is supported by blades, cylinders, or screws where they will be positioned into the jawbone. Each implant will grip one or several prosthetic teeth.

Dental implant procedures
There are five treatment procedures designed as per the dental requirement of the patients. Periodontists and dentists discuss with patients and determine a procedure that caters them well. Some of the common dental implant procedures are as follows:

Full teeth replacement: When patients lose all their teeth due to certain reasons, implant-supported bridged or full implant is utilized to replace them.

Multiple teeth replacement: If the replacement process involves the utilization of two or more teeth, then the dentist would utilize implant-supported bridges. This procedure helps in replacing several missing teeth.

Single tooth replacement: It is mostly adopted by patients who have lost a single tooth. An implant and a crown can replace the affected part.

Ridge modification: Due to certain conditions, patients experience bony flaws in their jawbone. Because of the inadequate bone, this deformity is rectified by lifting the gum from the edge. The procedure is referred to as ridge modification. These defects are packed with a substitute bone that forms up the ridge, thus it helps in improving appearance.

Sinus augmentation: It is utilized when the periodontists find it challenging to implant bridges or dentures. It is difficult to add dental implants in the back portion of the upper jaw. So, the sinus augmentation procedure is conducted.

We hope you have got answers to all your questions and doubts in mind. If you have any major doubts regarding the procedure, you can approach one of the leading dentists in your locality. Ensure to research and approach only trusted and certified dentists. Do not choose dentists randomly. If you are new to your locality, you can quickly perform a Google search and get in touch with certified dentists.

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