Why should you consider dental implants?

The dental surgeon inserts artificial structures into the jawbone of the person. This procedure is referred to as dental implants. It is performed when the patient has lost one or several teeth. In simple words, it is a structure that plays the role of missing teeth. The surgeon uses screw-like devices to insert the dental implant into the patient’s jawbone. It serves as an anchor and in medical terms, it is referred to as the crown. If you wish to find out more about dental implants procedure, keep reading.

The crown is customized to suit the person’s mouth as well as match teeth color. The crowns look, function, and feel like natural teeth. There are several advantages of implants than dentures that are removable or temporary artificial teeth.

Some of the advantages of implants are as follows:

  • More comfortable and natural
  • Enhance chewing function
  • There is no need to take out and clean every night
  • Does not cause sensitivity to nearby teeth
  • Results to better preservation of bone where the tooth is lost
  • Reduces the risk of cavities emerging in nearby teeth
  • Has a high success rate
  • But remember, dental implants do not suit all patients. The patient’s bones have to be healthy before getting this surgery. If the implant devices connect well with the jawbone, then the surgery is said to be successful.

Kinds of dental implants:

Dental implants are divided into two kinds. They are subperiosteal and endosteal. One of the common kinds is endosteal implants. The surgeon fixes in the jawbone. Thus, it can hold one or several artificial teeth.

It is safe when dental implants surgery is performed by an experienced and qualified dentist or surgeon. A dental implant is the best dental restoration choice that aids in maintaining the jawbone health and encourages its growth.

Cost of the treatment:

The cost depends on various factors like:

  • The type and number of implants needed
  • The implants location within the jaw
  • If there is a requirement for the extra procedure

Oral health professionals or dentists estimate the surgery cost during the first examination. There is some dental insurance coverage that pays a large sum of the treatment cost. Bridges is another tooth replacement option. It is less expensive than dental implants. But it is hard to maintain and clean and needs repair and replacement most of the time. Because of this, the overall cost gets increased. If the person takes care of dental implants better, it remains beneficial for the long term.


After getting dental implant surgery, the person should continue flossing and brushing their teeth regularly. Just like the original teeth, artificial teeth should be cared for and maintained regularly. The dentist or surgeon will fix follow-up visits to check the implants and see whether the gums and teeth are healthy. It is necessary to visit your dentist once in six months for dental cleanings.

Dental implant surgery is not suggested for people with diabetes, HIV, psychiatric or behavioral issues, heavy smoking habits, osteoporosis, and parafunctional habits like clenching or tooth grinding.

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